Stresa Restaurant

NY Times

“What’s the best restaurant on Long Island?”

This is, of course, an impossible question to answer, full of bias and personal preferences. I used to sidestep a response by saying something like, “It depends on what kind of food you like.”

Nowadays, however, I embrace my subjectivity and answer straightaway: Stresa.

NY Times


"Stresa's service is excellent and extremely professional. Stresa features dishes such as roast baby chicken in rosemary and garlic, various fresh fish preparations that change daily, and some of the best veal and pasta dishes on Long Island. "


"Giorgio Meriggi and Antonio D'Arcangelo, owners of Stresa restaurant in Manhasset, want each of their customers to have a unique dining experience, and to feel like they're guests in the owners' homes."

Long Island Newsday

Great Restaurants of LI

"If you are looking for a gourmet dining experience and want to be pampered, Stresa never fails to please."

Great Restaurants of Long Island


“Marvelous”, “high-end” Italian food “prepared with finesse” continues to lure a “who’s who of Nassau County” to this “longtime favorite” where an “efficient, formal” staff enhances the “elegant” setting...'


“The Epitome of Excellence and Elegance in Fine Dining”